Hi I’m Katie,

Mummy to Florence whose six and three year old twin girls Martha and Sylvie. I’m a recently married lady to the lovely Mr H and we live in South Manchester. However, I’m a Yorkshire lass at heart and most of my family still live in Leeds.

I’m currently a upskilling on the brilliant Digital Mums Strategic Social Media Marketing Associate Programme – which basically means I’m training to be a Social Media manager and will work with businesses to optimise their social media.

Aside from being a blogger and a student I also work as a freelance TV and Radio producer which is an amazing job and a very exciting industry to work in. After having the twins I’ve not really returned to work full-time and find part-time work much better for that crucial a work/life balance!

I started blogging after having my twin girls  – they were nearly the breaking of me – but I’m realising slowly that they are actually the making of me! I thought parenting was tough with my first child but having twins is a whole new ball game. Every day I’m learning about how to be a better mummy.

My other motivation was just how many comments I got from people when I was out and about with the twins and Florence, people who just can’t help but pass comment about me and how I ‘had my hands full’. This very phrase was the inspiration to start the blog.

I love sharing my thoughts and experiences and I’m a big believer in documenting the journey that our family is on. That will be done here on this blog through posts and lovely photographs! Apart from posts about my three little ladies and the ups and downs parenting, I’ll write about interiors, fashion, travel,
and lifestyle.

Happy reading!

Katie x


email – kconoby@gmail.com
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Instagram – @twinsplusonemummy
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