A birthday to remember for a little girl in a big city.

We’re London bound. How exciting! Got my coffee…check! Magazine, check! Pret breakfast…check! Daughter number one…what? Oh yes!

It was the simple request of our little girl that we take her to London for her birthday. Hence we were on the 09.05 from Manchester and hurtling towards the big smoke with our overnight clobber and a tourists itinerary ahead of us.  She had wanted to visit the capital for her 7th birthday and so who were we to disappoint! It was the nearest my husband and I would get to a city break anytime soon and without the prospect of the twins in tow it was actually shaping up to be positively relaxing!

So with a spring in our step, we commenced our mini break by embracing London and it’s millions of other tourists with our backpacks and smiles. We had an action packed day ahead of us. We tried to ignore the fact that it was absolutely freezing and little Flossie was just getting over a really bad virus –  so should really have been spending the weekend chilling out. Instead, we were asking her to walk miles and miles with her little legs and enjoy every minute of it. Tube, sight-seeing, lunch, tube, sight-seeing, snack, shopping, culture, tube, more shopping, tube, repeat!

We stayed in a brand new Premier Inn in Aldgate, East London. Whilst not quite the boutique hotel of dreams, the bedroom was huge and perfect for returning to after such an exhausting day. We flopped onto our bed and watched Strictly Come Dancing whilst nibbling on spicy Doritos before heading out to grab the perfect pizza place at a place at the end of our road called  Pizza union


It was so lovely to spend time with her though – quality time that is so unavoidably rare when you have three children. It’s so easy to forget they are all individual little people and all they really want is some one-to-one attention once in a while. She certainly got that. She had our undivided time and full attention and we got to really see what a precious little girl our daughter was blossoming into. It had been seven years since she arrived in the world and not a day goes by when she doesn’t surprise, enlighten and brighten our lives. She’s had to really find her way and carve out her own path in the noisy, crazy world of a house with twin sisters. The skills she’s gained in finding her voice and asserting her place within the family dynamics will be with her for life I’m sure.

So after a full on weekend of fun we travelled back home, so grateful that we’d been able to spend that time together and I felt sure the adventure will always be there in her memory bank. I also thought it would be nice to capture an essence of our weekend on film – so here it is:






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