You can do anything but not everything!

Half term weekend is here! Uniforms are getting ironed, knackered parents are patting themselves on the back for surviving the week so far and Christmas shopping has begun….

Or is that just me?! Don’t worry, I haven’t turned into a smug, uber organised parent who appears perfect in every way… #blessed!! I have just decided to be organised this year. I’m totally guilty of trying to do everything and not really doing anything very well. So, this year I’m switching that motto around…

Every year I vow to start my Christmas shopping early. Not a word that is normally associated with me but bear with me.. My grand plan is usually to try and buy everyone’s presents by the end of November so December can just be focused on wrapping, drinking port and making mince pies. Ooh. In reality, I’m usually lost in a mountain of sellotape and wrapping paper on the 23rd of December trying to figure out which presents are for whom and feeling massively overwhelmed whilst necking Gluhwein straight from the pan.

So, this weekend I popped along to one of my FAV shops, TK Maxx to get my grand plan underway. There were a couple of other people starting their Christmas shopping too, including a lovely lady in the lift whose basket was overflowing with goodies and said, ‘Well that’s mine done for another year’! Really!! I hate feeling like shopping is a chore but every Christmas it turns into one because there is just so much to think about, plan and buy.


As you enter my local store the first thing that hits you is toys so it’s hard to avoid stopping for a cheeky look. It’s like a grotto! I noticed there were parents just treating their children to some half-term toys too – probably so they could cope with the final hurdle before school starts again next week!

I’d heard there had been a big toy delivery so I wanted to have a rummage and see what had landed. The twins are actually really hard to buy for because they don’t like sharing and they also have A LOT of things already. I really don’t want to clutter the house with loads more plastic that they won’t play with but also want them to be super smiley on Christmas morning and not disappointed because it’s another ‘soft’ present!

Going into TK Maxx is like a treasure hunt isn’t’ it! You never know what you’re going to find but I always seem to find some absolute gems! I love a bargain and finding them in TK Maxx isn’t hard but I usually stick to brands I know and recognise because I feel like I’m getting more for my money. I’m yet to try TK Maxx online but apparently, it’s a game-changer.  Today I tried to stay focused on the children’s presents but somehow stumbled upon an amazing black pepper and mint handwash for our downstairs loo and some new tupperware. (I am SO rock and roll).

So, I thought I’d share some of my haul with you for a bit of inspiration. My absolute favourites from my shopping trip has to be the melamine plate, cup and spoon sets for the twins which were £6.99

The super cute hedgehog and fox warm and cosy microwavable hotties for £9.99 each and a unicorn one too..

Also this neon rock painting kit for a £4.99. I know my little bookworm Florence will just love the piles of books I’ve found for her along with the (already slightly annoying) talking parrot set that I picked up (which has been talking to me the whole way home in the shopping bag today. I’m sure I heard it saying ‘whose an organised girl then’… I’ll take that!!)

So if you want to start THAT shop too – you know what to do!

Collaboration Note:  Thank you to for providing me with the gift card to help me start my shopping.  All words, thoughts and images are my own.












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