Let’s get organised!

I’m currently one man down. My five year old is staying with her grandma for two nights. Her bed is unslept in and there’s one less child to feed, wash and worry about. It’s a actually a really weird feeling and our family dynamic just isn’t the same without her.

But it does mean we are slightly more ‘portable’. Going out anywhere, alone with three children is very tricky.

So yesterday I ventured to Ikea with the twins. Armed with snacks, wipes, Peppa Pig magazines, a stripy bunny, a cuddly sheep and a list of things to buy in my notebook. I was on a mission! Despite trying to keep to my list, I did also pick up a new chair, some picture shelves, a new laundry basket and some candles!  I also lost Sylvie’s beloved stripy bunny somewhere in-between meatballs and tea-lights. It’s part of the family too and losing it  definitely wasn’t on the list! Damn it.

I’m probably not alone, but I absolutely do love a list.

One of my favourite things to do is to write one! I like to write a daily ‘To do list’ in my diary and look at it through-out the day to try and focus my wondering mind as to what I actually need to do.

But that’s just one of many. My list of lists are endless. I have my daily list and then I write other lists in my notebook. I’ve also got a more general ‘to do’ list, and a house/garden job list..much to Mr H’s despair! As well as lists for birthday ideas, work related lists and meal plan lists – I’m sure you’ll agree, I have an addiction to lists!

My latest list is all about what I want to achieve at our allotment. Charlie Dimmick eat your heart out! I’m planning on pottering at our plot alot this year – and hey, maybe even growing a thing or two.  But for the record (and much to Mr H’s disappointment), I will be wearing a bra!

Recently I’ve also started writing a list for ideas for blog content which is rather long. There’s so much to write about and so little time! So far I’ve found a lot of my writing inspiration has come from being a mummy of twins and a five year old, but I also want to expand and find other things to talk about too. I’ve also started a list of things I want to do with my blog and ideas for how to increase readership and move things up a notch. I’ve been learning about everything from widgets to vlogs and loads of other interesting stuff too.

A lot of my information is coming from other bloggers and their fabulous blogs! A few of my favourite ‘mummy blogs’ (cringe) at the moment that inspire me are mummydaddyandmemakethree, tigerlillyquinn and ohsoamelia. There’s also an ace blog written by Clemmie Telford which is an honest and witty collection of lists about parenting – clever!

My favourite place to write lists is in my Moleskin notebook. I have a thing about nice notebooks and I also like a nice pen to write with. I’m a bit of a stationary geek. I usually have a Moleskin diary too but I’ve gone a little off-piste this year with my 2016 diary, a prezzie from Mr H, it’s a gorgeous Liberty journal which I love!

Oh, if you’re a little bit obsessed with lovely stationary too there’s a really cool website called Present and Correct which I’m sure you’ll agree is just so fab!


Anyway, I digress…being a busy Mummy means that I have just enough time to write my lists but executing them is not as easy. I think the key to being productive during the day is to be super organised. Some days I struggle to keep on top of things and my system of lists just isn’t cutting it anymore…I need help!

To try and focus on getting through my daily ‘to do list’ I need a something up to the challenge of withstanding any distractions that are put in its way. ‘Mummy, I’m hungry, Mummy I need the toilet, Mummy I’ve spilt my milk on the carpet, Mummy, can we watch Peter Rabbit, Mummy Sylvie pushed me, Mummy…Martha’s done a poo on the scooter…’.

Step forward the bullet journal system!

I’ve only recently discovered the whole concept of ‘bullet journaling’ which I think might actually change my life! For those who are unfamiliar  – it’s taking internet geeks and organising wizards by storm..and is a way of  basically organising your life all in one place Essentially, it’s a modern Filofax – a place to dump all your thoughts, organise yourself and also involve your creative side. What’s not to love?

This is a little video to explain better than I can: bullet journal overview and here’s a helpful list of things to help get started – from an article I read in Marie Claire:

1. Get the right notebook. That’s all you need, because with this system you ditch your twenty million half-started notebooks and put everything in one place.

2. You can make you own rules in terms of what goes in and how you use it. I mean, there’s a basic formula for keeping track of things (see the video above) but I’ve included lists for tracking my meals, meditation, exercise and downtime too. That’s the beauty of this system – you personalise it. 

3. Get planning. Invest in some nice pens, a ruler, a mechanical pencil (you will mess up when you start) and go online for inspiration – there are tonnes of videos and Pinterest boards about Bullet Journaling to get you inspired ad send you on the way to creating your own bespoke diary. 

So, even though I’m not a busy business executive (yet) I’m going to give bullet journaling a go, in a bid to get more organised, be more productive and yes, you’ve guessed it, spend even more time writing lists!

Of course, some things you don’t need a list for and finding Sylvie’s stripy bunny is at the forefront of my mind.



Need more bullet journal inspiration? Check this lady out!




  1. Manny 24th June 2016 / 11:22 am

    Loving the Liberty journal and the notebooks. They look lovely!

    • katieconoby 24th February 2017 / 6:43 pm

      Thanks!I love them too! Perhaps you should treat yourself!

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