Just another job to do…

Recently our dishwasher broke. Just out of the blue, it decided it had washed enough plastic Ikea plates and Tommee Tippee beakers and was done with been stacked wrongly. (By me, not Mr H of course!).

It was certainly a blow to my already hectic day. What was so much worse was that it decided to stop working with a full load of UNWASHED pots and pans. Now, I realise this is certainly a first-world problem but still, there is no denying, it’s a very upsetting situation.

There isn’t enough hours in the day as it is, without the bloody pots to wash as well. I thought I had a laundry problem but the amount of washing-up we generate on a daily basis is just ridiculous. Five lots of breakfast bowls, snack plates, copious cups of coffee, lunch stuff, afternoon bits and bobs, dinnertime madness etc….and we don’t have a window to look out of when doing the mundane task. Just a Quartz splash-back to stare at.

Gone are the days when people designed their kitchen sink to be near their window surely? In fact, I was trying to remember the last time I had existed without a dishwasher  – and I can’t actually think of life before one. No longer a luxury item, a dishwasher is an absolute necessity!

But Mr H –  with his thrifty Yorkshire ways –  decided that we were going to try and repair the six year old machine, even though we didn’t know what the problem was. This led to a few days of looking at it, opening and closing it and generally discussing what might be wrong with it, but actually not getting very far. So we called a man who knew more than us. He arrived with a big bag of tools and then spent a good hour or two scratching his head and fiddling around with it.

He then confirmed what I had secretly hoped..it wasn’t worth repairing. Yippee! Let’s get a new one! I immediately started looking for one online. Hmm – what did we want it to do (other than the obvious): wash, dry and put away? Yes please! Not something that exists…yet! But we did want a few more fancy features surely? The choice is actually too much and what does it really matter anyway. As long as it works! We chose a mid-range one and ordered it through a local appliance centre, who gave us the best deal along with some other enticing money back offer.

Though best of all it would be delivered and fitted in less than a week. Not ideal as I had already washed too many pots already to last me a lifetime and I needed it to arrive now! But anyway – it was the weekend soon and we could eat out, cook pizza for the children and order take-aways to avoid washing up! What else is a family of five to do?!

So eventually DD-day arrived (Dishwasher Delivery day) and I was beyond excited. Washing-up is totally for losers with nothing better to do. Except I was staying in the loser gang because Mr H rang to tell me some very bad news. There had been a problem. A supply/delivery issue meant that our shiny new appliance hadn’t arrived on the van and wouldn’t be here for another THREE WEEKS!

****ing **ll!!!!! You have got to be kidding me!!

Cue a lot of swearing and a bit more. Ridiculous. Just because we were saving a few bob? Let’s sack them off and get a different one from someone else? No, apparently this is a great deal and it’s what we have to d0 – stick with this one and wait for it to arrive. I don’t want to name and shame but Bosch has got a lot to answer for!!

So I wish I could give you a happy ending. It’s not the case. We’re still washing-up till our hands are sore. The old dishwasher still sits in the new kitchen, mocking us with its lopsided ways, waiting to be taken away and replaced with a newer model. And there is no lesson to be learnt, only endless washing-up.

Standing by the sink all this time has got me thinking though.. there are certainly a few other things in our house that I can’t live without and that make my life SO much easier! Does anyone else have a ‘can’t live without’ item? Hmm, I think I can feel another post coming on….

But in the meantime, I’ll be mainly by the sink – where i DON’T belong!




  1. dadstayedhome 18th March 2016 / 11:18 am

    Every Time I load the dishwasher I think to myself that if this machine could talk it would definitely scream enough of the ikea plates, forks and spoons.

    • katieconoby 18th March 2016 / 11:21 am

      I know! I think a talking dishwasher is a brilliant idea! Thanks for reading too!

  2. Anna B 18th March 2016 / 12:40 pm

    Babes, I’ve never had a dishwasher. That’s pub accommodation for you. Although I do sneak my dishes downstairs when things look particularly tricky! Enjoy the bubbles (totally wrecks the hands though…) xx

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