We’re in training…

‘It’s like a chocolate sausage’ exclaims Sylvie as she sees the result of her efforts after more than 10 minutes sat on the potty  It’s actually quite an accurate description and we all laugh.

But potty training isn’t really that funny is it? It’s far from it – especially with twins! I remember it clearly with my eldest – the transition from nappies to knickers wasn’t a particularly smooth one. But we got there in the end. It did involve a lot of asking ‘Do you need the toilet’ until you’re blue in the face, swilling potties out and suddenly developing an unhealthy obsession with where all the toilets are on your route that day. And I think Mr H is permanently scarred by an unfortunate incident at a soft play centre…!

And here we are again. Even though I don’t want the girls to grow up too fast (they’re still in their cot-beds with the sides up), I think it’s certainly about time for them to stop wearing nappies. They seem to be really losing their toddler traits and becoming proper little girls. It’s our duty as parents to teach our children how to become more independent after all.


That’s me having a cheeky roadside wee – the glamour never ends!

Though, this time round the prospect of having to toilet train two toddlers at the same time filled me with dread. I have been putting it off for a while, and then decided I would definitely give it a go after Christmas but January turned into February and we were no nearer to starting.

We certainly have a financial incentive  – we spend a lot of money on nappies, nappy cartridges, wipes etc and the cash we save on these will certainly be much better spent! Not to mention the landfill we’ve contributed to. Eek. I’m sure the bin-men will also be relieved!

So this time round we decided to tackle one twin at a time. We made the executive decision to give Sylvie a try first – mainly because she tends to be the more compliant of the two!

So, I stocked up on cheap pants, pull-up nappies, a great portable toilet seat which is also a portable potty by Potette, various other types of potties in different colours, shapes and sizes and some very strange but rather clever children panty liners by Dry like me. Sorted!

And when better to start toilet training but whilst we were already housebound due to a triple hit of Chicken Pox (AAAHHHH!!). I had decided to make my life even more stressful by launching full swing into training! What’s the worst that could happen?

At first Sylvie was very apprehensive about doing anything in the potty or toilet and did have a lot of accidents…but eventually she was sitting on the potty and exclaiming ‘Something’s coming out Mummy…and it keeps coming out…‘! She’s really embraced it, is so proud of her potty achievements and even got a star sticker at playgroup for using their toilet. A big moment for a little lady!


What’s more, she’s also taken a very keen interest in my toilet habits too! Mummy, what are you doing on the toilet. Can I listen to you wee, see what you’ve done, can I flush it away Mummy? 

I would say toilet training twins separately is definitely much easier than both at the same time. Especially as they are individual people so why should they do everything together? Well actually – there was a day when Sylvie was doing really well so I decided to let Martha be nappy free – but she went through four pairs of leggings in two hours and so I very quickly lost my patience!

I do keep plugging away with Martha though – and do give her some nappy free time. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.


Like Mother’s day morning for example – it was all going well- I’d had a full nights sleep and was woken up to all three girls walking into my room saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ in unison, all clutching their home-made cards which was SO cute. The scent of fresh flowers filled the air and we were all in a good mood.

After a delicious breakfast I took Martha’s nappy off while we sorted out getting ready for the day. We were all heading over to Leeds to have lunch with the family. Suddenly Martha appears saying ‘I’ve got something on my finger’. Hmm it did look brown and not too dissimilar to poo. And it certainly smelt like poo – and yes, you’ve guessed it – it was poo. It wasn’t just on her finger either. It was on her foot, all over the grey sofa and had been nicely spread all over our light grey carpet. Delightful!

So we are going one step forward, two steps back – one twin is in pants and the other in pull –ups. And after dealing with triple pox and double potty training, I have well and truly earned at least one very large drink!


G&T anyone?


 My Top tips for Potty Training:


  1. Have a progress chart and sticker incentive. Children love stickers (and chocolate buttons!)
  2. Make sure you ask them if they need the toilet at least every 90 minutes so they don’t have an accident and feel upset. If you can’t remember – – there are some great App’s to remind you to remind them!
  3. Get some knickers with their favourite character on or in their favourite colour
  4. Make it fun. I have been known to do a very silly dance if something appears in the potty or toilet!
  5. Talk to them a lot about it – there are some great books aimed at children  – we love Princess Polly’s Potty!

For more useful inspiration see my Pinterest board…



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