Costumes and tantrums.


I’m finally coming out of my mini-retirement and getting back into blogging again. I’ve had the odd query in the last few months about why I’m not writing much anymore. Some people even saying they enjoyed reading it. I have no real excuses – although I’ve been finding lots of them – to explain my absence.

Work was the main one. I’ve been working a part-time job in Leeds. I live in Manchester. So this was keeping me fairly busy. Then of course there was the small factor of three small ones. They do soak up ALL of my time. But mainly, if you have been wondering where I’ve been. I’ve probably been tidying. I have a thing about tidying and I’ve written about it before (see my post ‘A place for everything’ ) but despite my incessant tidying, I still have a messy house. Hmm. I’m obviously doing something wrong.

But not as wrong as I got it this morning.

‘I don’t want my face-painting’ my five year old reminded me, whilst sat in her Snow White costume and tucking into her bowl of porridge. (She’d told me this many times before). I ignored her and proceeded to apply rosy cheeks to her face whilst telling her we needed to make more effort than just wearing her old fancy dress outfit.

Because it’s not just any old school day – today is a day many parents stress about and dread. For others, it might be right up their street. It’s a day where the organisation and imagination of parents is on full display. It’s World Book Day – hurrah!

The streets are filled with little Harry Potters, Fantastic Mr Foxes and Angelina Ballerinas all making their way to school. Parents are proud of their creations and children show a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

In my head the build up to WBD went something like this:

Oh  – it’s World Book Day next week. I wonder who Florence will want to be…I did actually get the sewing machine out last year. (Pat on back) –  I don’t have the time or inclination this year…..

Fast forward a few days:

Oh damn. The twins are expected to dress up at playgroup too. So I need to give this more thought. What shall I buy? It’s probably too late to order from Amazon now. I’ll ask Florence. Right, she wants to be Snow White. Although this is a character from a fairy tale, it’s really more like a Disney film character. Heated discussion occurs between me and Mr H. She should really be something more iconic, cultural and ‘booky’. I give her a few suggestions. Of course, nothing competes with the princess. So that’s decided then. Oh the twins can just make do with whatever. But now I feel guilty. They can be ladybirds from ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ Easy. I’m going to at least make some headbands though. And do some face-painted spots on their face….

So after eating her porridge and popping on her shoes, Florence was brushing her teeth and inspecting her face. I was clutching the red lipstick in one hand and hurrying her along with the other – when suddenly she said she didn’t like her cheeks like that. She was already becoming late for school and Mr H was getting more anxious in the hallway that they needed to leave. I added some red lips and she started to walk out. Then she caught another look in the mirror…

Sulk. Big sulk. ‘I really don’t want to look like that’. I tried to give her some kind words of encouragement and profound life advice  – all at the same time –  and tell her that she needed to look more ‘in character’, that she would fit in when she got to school and that it was alright to look ‘a bit theatrical’. It probably came out all wrong though and nothing I said was convincing her. She sulked out of the door with a very sad face, to join the army of Willy Wonka’s and Claude’s on the walk to school…

In between all this commotion I was also trying to cobble together two ladybirds . They were dressed in red and black and were sporting very quick home-made antennas. No wings unfortunately. That is just too much like hard work at fairly short notice. Oh and they didn’t want face-paint on either incase you were wondering. My lesson had quickly been learnt from daughter number one.


I just can’t wait for next year….

But at least the blog is back!








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  1. Leah 3rd March 2016 / 11:21 pm

    You’re not alone, our dress up day is tomorrow. My girls have had their costumes sorted for weeks, or so I thought. 7.50pm tonight, Belle announces, ‘mummy, I’ve changed my mind…I will not go as the hungry caterpillar tomorrow like we said. I will be Peter Pan! That’s my favourite book.’
    Holy c**p are you kidding me?
    No amount of persuasion was working, I even offered to ‘treat’ her with some Disney Tsum tsum’s for sticking with her original costume (that I had spent weeks sorting) nothing worked.
    As we speak I’m just glueing the feather on the home made Peter Pan outfit….x


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