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Today I found a potato in my bathroom. This incongruous situation isn’t that random anymore. Yesterday I found Marmite in my washing machine drum, teabags in the washer drawer and a bottle of honey at the bottom of the stairs!


No I haven’t gone mad…I just have twins! I’m sure any mummies out there who’ve got an 18 month old has experienced a similar scenario. But when you multiply it by two – there is a certain level of defeat that hits you.. O.K – If it was just one potato to the bathroom – that wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s much more than that!

Despite appearances – I actually like to keep my house quite neat and tidy. I think I actually have a mild OCD when it comes to tidiness. I like things to be in their place and to stay there. But the don’t. There is not a cat in hells chance of being able to have a tidy house with twin toddlers. So I spend all day putting things back – in their place. I only have one pair of hands and there’s now three small pairs of hands moving things ‘out of their place’. I’m outnumbered and can’t keep up with the disruption. I’m trying to embrace the mess throughout the day and then just tidy in the evenings. This isn’t that easy – (due to the mild OCD) – and I find myself just tidying anyway but actually going round in circles – only to get back to the beginning to find things are now a mess again. It’s a thankless task.

If it was just toys then I might be a little less harassed. Though don’t get me wrong – the toys are annoying on their own – characters from Happyland mixed with Peppa Pig characters – no that’s not right. Lego bits scattered everywhere – books flung around like some sort of library protest. Now there’s pretend shopping from the play-shop flung all over the place, dolls everywhere you look and fancy dress outfits shedding glitter all over my freshly mopped floor. And if I have to gather those stacking cups up one more time I might actually throw them out with the recycling!

But the toys are just the start of the chaos. The twins like to get their grubby little hands on everything and anything that looks interesting to them. Tupperwear is their favourite past-time – empty the cupboard and out it all comes – lids and tubs just sprawled everywhere. Clothes get pulled out of drawers, toilet roll gets unravalled and don’t even mention my make-up bag… Things tend to get ‘lost’ in our house a lot – or should I say ‘misplaced’ and the inevitable ‘rooting though the bin to find the remote control’ scene has happened on more than one occasion. The twins are just literally ‘into everything’ and while in some ways it’s endearing, in other ways it’s very tiring!

They certainly are keeping me on my toes anyway! They have definitely found their feet. Now those first few wobbly steps are over – they’ve gained their independence and love their new found freedom. They can move quite fast and they do! The problem is that you can’t keep hold of them both – I hold one but the other tends to get away. Getting to the car can be tricky – we leave the house all civilized, holding hands and keeping them in check but as soon as I have to get one baby in the car seat – the other one has a little potter down the path at lightening speed … not ideal! At least it probably keeps the neighbours entertained!

It’s all good fun though. This is actually the first blog I’ve written in a while – I’ve literally been too busy tidying up and chasing after little babies down the street…ooh and getting married! I’m now a wife and officially have the same surname as my children. Sort of…I will have when I get time to change all my documentation!

Our wedding, a few month ago now, was just one of the best days of our lives – a total cliché I know but totally true. I spent a lot of time planning the wedding while the twins were napping and it did finally come together and I think we actually pulled it off! Usually there isn’t enough time to do the day-to-day chores but we actually managed to find time to plan a wedding so we were pretty chuffed with ourselves!

And it just goes to show you – if you embrace a messy house once in a while and ignore potatoes that have been misplaced – you can achieve great things when you put your mind to it!

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